AMD Engineering, LLC is a civil engineering and land surveying firm providing a complete array of professional services for our clients throughout Texas and New Mexico.

Accuracy • Efficiency • Integrity

AMD Engineering was formed by three engineers working in a garage in January 2006. Since the early beginnings, AMD has grown into a well respected, multidiscipline, civil engineering and surveying firm. AMD is based in Lubbock, TX and the firm is registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (F-9197) and the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveyors (101785).

AMD began as a land development engineering consulting firm. Over the years we have added municipalities, schools, and other engineering firms to our list of satisfied clients. AMD is now a trusted private, municipal, and state industry engineering partner filling numerous roles in civil engineering and land surveying.

We have continued to find ways to better serve our clients. AMD will always continue our education and broaden our horizons in stormwater engineering, land development engineering, water and wastewater engineering,and land surveying.

We are confident that you can trust AMD to exceed your expectations at every turn. We work diligently to get the job done within budget, on time, and to your specific requirements with the highest level of ACCURACY, EFFICIENCY, and INTEGRITY.