Hydrology/Hydraulic Studies

Drainage is a unique part of every project we are involved with and it can be the most critical part of the design process. The staff at AMD has extensive experience with all types of hydrology/hydraulic (H&H) analyses including but not limited to: watershed delineations; time of concentration determination; composite runoff coefficient and curve number determination; hydrograph and hydraulic modeling; roadway drainage; culvert design; storm drain design; FEMA floodplain studies; LOMR’s and LOMR-F’s; retention and detention basin design; and playa lake analysis and cut/fill design. Our staff is proficient in the use of the following software programs: HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, and ICPR (Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing).


A sample list of the H&H studies we have performed is shown below.

Playa System G-5 Study (Lubbock)

Playa Lakes 96, 97, 32, & 99 Restudy (Lubbock)

Playa System E1-Upper Restudy (Lubbock)

Playa Lake Number 8 Analysis (Amarillo)

Playa System K Analysis for Indiana Avenue Widening Project (Lubbock)

Restudy of a portion of Playa System C (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 39 Cut/Fill (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 105 Cut/Fill (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 94C Cut/Fill (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 97 Cut/Fill (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 40 Cut/Fill (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 84 Cut/Fill (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 140 Cut/Fill (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 94A Cut/Fill (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 93 Cut/Fill (Lubbock)

Playa Lake 84A Cut/Fill (Lubbock)